Hey everyone,

as you know i’ve asked you all to have a go at playing Dungeons and Dragons 4th edition with me at my house starting sunday the 13th of november.

I’ve recently bought the D&D 4e starter set called the red box and two of the core player rule books
so i have all of the rules a recourses we will need to give it ago. I know some of you might be thinking that yeah we used to play the simple board game version of D&D but the full game is to complicated to be fun. I promise you, i have been doing worrying amounts of research into it and its not as complex as even i thought it was at first. there is just a large amount of optional rules to help your imagination be the only thing that governs what you can and cant do (oh and me the DM :P)

Any way all i want from you know is an idea of what kind of race and class you would like to play, if you don’t know what the options are there is loads of information on the internet but the only choices i have the rules for are…


and Classes

So if everyone wants to share in the characters tab what they wish to play we can adjust it to make a rounded party and make it quicker to get started on sunday. other things you might want to discuss is the name of your party, how you came to meet and what your goals are in this adventure. This will help me know what you want and make this as fun as posable.

Also on a separate note i’m planning on getting bears and pizza is that cool with everyone (if its not your probably mad but whatever)

Sonny (your dm)

I really don't know what to call it yet :\